There is nothing quite like Maine.  From our coastlines to our highest mountains, the sheer beauty of the Pine Tree State is like no other place on earth.  It is a place of simple serenity.  It is a breath of fresh air when the world around us can be fast paced and unpredictable.  It is the first star in a night sky, a seashell on a beach, a moose sighting, the ice cold air as you ski down a trail, and little ones' toes dancing in the ocean.     ​  

What also makes Maine so great is that we are a collection of great people. It's a place where families and friends, neighbors and strangers have come to call home while making priceless memories that will always be remembered.  As a state with a residency of just over 1.3 million people, Maine's population soars each year as over 36 million seasonal residents and visitors take a break from the everyday grind to spend a bit of their lives in this special place.  It is our people as a collective that makes this state great.               

The Spring of 2020 brought on an unexpectedly ever-changing world with an unknown fate of the Maine Artisan.  In an effort to keep Maine Artisans moving forward, Maine leathersmiths Travis and Lindsay Hill of Hashtag Leatherworks, reignited the idea to bring a collective of Maine's finest Artisans all to one place.  With Artisan shows being canceled and postponed at a rapid pace, the need for an online marketplace was needed more than ever.  From uncertainty to clarity, Maine Made Marketplace was born.   

Maine Made Marketplace is a collection of all the things great about Maine.  From the people who craft their specialty items in their home shops throughout Maine, to the detail and love involved in their products there is no place better to buy than made in Maine.  Everyone reading this loves this great state, that's why you're visiting us online today.  It's all about the people, the place and the experience.  The products listed here are a reflection of those feelings and a physical expression of the passion each one of our Artisans hold.  While supporting Maine Made Marketplace, you are supporting dozens of Artisans, their crafts and their livelihood.  For that we all want to say thank you!     

Maine Made Marketplace hopes that the products you purchase today, whether for yourself or as gifts for those you love, are accompanied by smiles and memories of Maine and a reminder of more great times to come!


Wishing all the best,


Travis and Lindsay Hill  

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