Product: Black Cherry Ferro Rod and "Maine Striker" fire starter

Description: A Ferro Rod (Ferrocerium Rod) is a fire starter tool used by campers, survivalists and other outdoor enthusiasts to quickly start a fire.  Ferro rods are made of ferrocerium, a man-made alloy and are basically waterproof matches.  And it works under cold, wet, windy conditions that would defeat matches or a lighter. Quality Ferro rods can produce a spark of 3000 degrees or hotter. That’s roughly 30% hotter than a blast furnace and almost 70% hotter than the hottest molten lava.  That extra heat can make a big difference when you’re lost or cold and hungry.  With the use of the "State of Maine" tinder shredder you can quickly create your own wood fiber for the initail starting "nest".

Dimensions: Ferro Rod - 4.25" x .75"

Maker: Hill & Shore Woodworks


Brought to you by Maine Made Marketplace LLC

Black Cherry Ferro Rod and "Maine Striker" fire starter

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